New beginnings: A look at Uncanny Avengers

With Marvel and DC both having wiped the slates clean. We decided to take a long and loving look at the first arcs from some of the titles in both publisher’s stables.

Warning. I probably won’t like all of them.

New Starts

Ever one to jump on the band wagon, as it now seems to be the fashion to simply wipe away years of continuity and start again, I’ve decided to make a fresh start in life myself. To be utterly selfless and devoted to being a better man than I was, wiping away all of the messy and awful continuity I’d built up.

To that end, I’ve just made a pact. A pact to end the R-Word.


The people trying to stop the R-word are very vague about what the R-Word actually is. Everyone involved I presume having sworn not to use it. Therefore, until I have further evidence as to what word I’m not allowed to use, I am forced to avoid the use of any R-word.

An R-Less look at Uncanny Avengers


Uncanny Avengers is drawn by John Cassaday and written by…*faceplant*. This is going to be tough.


Uncanny Avengers is trashy sugar pulp horror fun, like dropping tabs of pure sherbet and watching B-Movies until your face starts legally trying to divorce itself from your body while you drink a combination of tea and wine gums straight from the boiling kettle.

Fresh from the humongous fist fest that was AvX, Cap’n Amerc’a has lovingly declared that the only solution to the mutant problem is inclusion, so he’s arranged a barbecue and affirmative action-ed himself up a Mutant/Avengers hybrid team consisting of whichever Avengers he was near and some Mutants he found in the bins. Also Mopey Wolverine.


A super nazi clone version of the Ferrarri 00105 Skull fresh from World War Two has woken up in a vat in present day with a corrosive hard on to smash in all those smelly muties. He straight up grave napped Charles Xavier’s brain, bonded it to his own, and is galavanting up and down main street being a good old fashion fascist twat with it.


Do you like terror? Then you’ll love this book!

This is medical grade Japan gore future-neon Hammer Horror films with mutants. Christopher Lee with Arnie’s muscles and loads of heroin stabbing puppies. The tone is not set subtly, featuring a forced brain dissection and text from some bastard mutant focused version of Mein Kampf on the first page. From there we get all kinds of escalation: a mutant led disaster the size of Stanford, ordinary Humans straight up killing the X gene positive in the street for Nazi glory and then we get that final page! (I warn you, spoilers be at the end of this link.) This is Takashii Miike doing Marvel.

The writer of this book (curse you R-word!) is getting into something here that should not be ignored. He’s literally standing in front of a NASA issue fan slinging shit around like a crazed monkey. THINGS ARE GOING TO GO OFF. It’s hard to get into it without spoilers but the last page of issue 4 is a statement and that statement is “buckle the fuck up”. 

We’re having fun with the darkest, trashiest depths of the Marvel underverse and everyone involved is going to be brutally scarred before we emerge from the other side. This promises to be a tale in the same vain as Uncanny X-Force and as such should not be ignored.

The art is suitably schlock. You can feel Cassaday easing into the book slowly, it’s brilliant to look at and his storytelling is wonderful but I definitely get the feeling he’s still getting his look for a couple of characters down. However, things get properly down and dirty when needed, most of issue 4 is one beautifully drawn confrontation that literally had my jaw dropping throughout.   It’s 100% better than a lot of the stuff out there and once Cassaday gets his stride on I can see this looking just as good as X-Men or Planetary.

Uncanny Avengers is currently at issue 5.

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